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2 White Staffies + A Workshop Conversion

Moose, Miso, Molly + Jason

Dogs: Moose, 2 and Miso, 1.   Breed: American Staffies

Moose and Miso in 3 words:

Moose: Sensitive, gentle, lazy
Miso: Confident, cheeky, noisy


It took years for Molly, a cosmetic tattoo artist, to convince her partner Jason, a custom furniture maker and designer, to take the plunge into fur-parenthood.

Molly’s major hurdle? Finding a new home that was suitable for raising kids of the four-legged kind. Being a creative couple, the solution was an alternative one; Jason converted his workshop in Melbourne’s west into an industrial-style apartment that ticked all the dog-friendly boxes.

With the housing hurdle sorted, it wasn’t long before two adorable, white-as-the-driven-snow American Staffies took up residence in Molly and Jason’s converted workshop home, and changed their world forever.



The Bossy Rabbit + The Real Boss

Both sporting albino-like coats, ink-splotched noses and names inspired by Japanese cuisine, Moose (who also goes by the nickname ‘Sake’) and Miso may look very much alike, but their personalities are like day and night.

“It’s funny watching their opposite personalities at the dog park. Miso runs around letting everyone know she’s the boss of everything, and Moose runs around being everyone’s best friend whilst trying to avoid getting mounted by all the boys!”

While Miso’s brash, hyperactive antics may give an outsider the impression she is the boss of this fur pack, Moose quietly knows who the real boss is.


Moose is the older of the two, and he’d like his naughty sister Miso to realise that bearing this exalted position commands a certain level of respect. Always the one to set a good example, his wise nature and associated hoity-toity waggle has earned himself the nickname “The Grand Poobah.”

He also just wants to make all the friends, all the time.

“Whenever a friend comes over, Moose always runs and grabs his favourite toy at the time, holding it in his mouth and circles the visitor like a shark wagging his tail and showing off his toy.”

Miso on the other hand is a young, carefree scallywag with a very vocal approach to life. A pooch with spunk that her fur parents find endlessly entertaining, she isn’t afraid to say it like she sees it.

“Miso definitely wouldn’t take any shit from anyone. We always say she reminds us of a gigantic albino rabbit with attitude.”


Simple Moments + Spelling it Out

Favourite things this fur family love to do together are the kind of simple things which, as all dog parents would know, always mean the most.

When Moose and Miso aren’t sunbaking outside or chowing down on frozen bones, Molly and Jason love to scoop them up for spontaneous cosy couch cuddles, as well as taking part in post-dinner playtime on the floor.

Of course, visits to their local dog park are high up on the fave times list. But don’t say the words unless you mean it!

“They love to go to the P. A. R. K. in the C. A. R. – words you have to spell out in our house unless you’re actually taking them!”


Once the kind of busy people who raced through life trying to get a million things done, having two fur kids in tow has taught Molly and Jason to slow down and take time to appreciate the small things in life. And they are much happier people for it.

Maybe not when they’re on the occasional child-free holiday, that is.

“We couldn’t imagine our lives without them. We even have a hard time enjoying holidays as we miss them too much!”


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