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A Golden Kind of Love

Jess, Charlie + Frankie

Names: Charlie + Frankie    Ages: 3 + 2     Breed: English Cocker Spaniel


Charlie: Charlie Bear, Big Bear, Wawee, Golden Boy.

Frankie:  Franks, Hanky Panks, Frankie Girl.

‘Soul dogs.’

That’s how helplessly smitten dog mum, Jess, refers to her insta-famous fur babies, Charlie and Frankie.

Two of the most floofy, adorable golden cocker spaniels to grace news feeds across instagram, Charlie and Frankie share a remarkable bond with their mum, quite unlike anything we’ve seen before.

We had been huge fan girls of Charlie and Frankie for a while, so when the stars aligned and the opportunity arose to meet them on an upcoming trip to Queensland, it’s safe to say we were more than a little excited (cue high-pitched squeals and happy dances!)

When the big day came for us to meet, unfortunately the ‘Sunshine State’, was not in the mood to live up to its sunny reputation. A dark, brooding storm settled in just as we arrived, with thick clouds blanketing the sky, robbing the early afternoon light. In other words: a photographer’s worst nightmare.

So as fate was to have it, on the day of our shoot the light would be lacking – but the love certainly was not.  

Gushing over Charlie and Frankie on insta is one thing, but witnessing in person their gentle nature, complete trust and utter obsession with Jess is quite another. Not to mention the way Charlie gazes into his mum’s eyes, as if nothing else exists in the world around them.

While their insta feed is an adorable montage of puppy eyes, ‘how’d-they-do-that?’ poses and luscious golden locks, we wanted to capture a ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse of their everyday lives; a visual telling of the unconditional, unrivalled love between a girl and the fur babies at the centre of her world.



Jess, how did Charlie + Frankie come into your world?

I grew up with a black cocker spaniel, Sammy. He was my best friend in the world, I loved him more than anything. As I grew up, I always said I would get another cocker as I’ve loved them ever since. When the time was right, I started looking around for a little boy. After visiting so many litters, I was so excited when this beautiful little golden boy was suddenly available – exactly what I was looking for.

“I believe it was absolute fate that he was meant to be mine. He was in my arms not even a week later, and I was obsessed from that very day. He’s my soul dog, for sure.”

I kept in touch with his breeder, and one day she told me that Charlie’s sister was due to have her first litter of pups. My heart knew I had to have one. I didn’t need another – but I had to. I went and visited the pups when they were a few weeks old, and I fell in love. I bought her home at 8 weeks and her obsession with Charlie began.



How would you describe Charlie + Frankie’s personalities?

Charlie is SO chilled out, I’ve never met a dog like him. He’s such a dude. He’s awkward and so goofy, and a total mama’s boy. He’d rather hang with me than do anything else. 

Frankie is such a princess. She’s sooo sweet and affectionate, she literally smothers you! She’s cheeky and knows how to work her puppy dog eyes.

What is their relationship like? Are they besties?

Frankie is so in love with Charlie, she took a liking to him straight away (Charlie is technically Frankie’s uncle, so we call him ‘Uncle Charlie.’) They’re just the sweetest together.

“Honestly, from the second she saw him she was obsessed. It was unbelievably cute. She didn’t care about anyone or anything else around her. And it’s been the same ever since.”


Tell us a bit about their instagram journey. What have you loved most about sharing their lives with so many followers?

Charlie started on instagram around six months old, and his following has grown ever since. Especially when Frankie and all her cute puppy photos came along!

What I’ve loved most about instagram is meeting so many amazing, like-minded people. Some of my closest friends are people I met through instagram – I know we’ll be friends for life. And bringing happiness to people’s day with photos of my babies, and videos of them playing and snuggling.

“I’ve had people message me saying they’ve helped them through a tough time and that means so much to me. We genuinely love our followers.”


If Charlie + Frankie were real people, who would they be like?

Charlie’s very ‘Hey girl,’ so he’s been likened to Ryan Gosling before! Frankie would be that nice girl that everyone wants to be friends with.

If they could tell us something about you, what would they say?

That I’m a Stage 5 Clinger! And they know they can get away with anything, if it’s up to me.

Do you think you spoil them?

Is that a trick question? They have a better wardrobe than me, and they eat better than I do.

“I want them to have the best life they possibly can, so I do whatever I can to make sure they do. But I wouldn’t change it. Why have them if you aren’t going to spoil them?”


What’s everyday life like with Charlie + Frankie by your side?

We live in the country and love the space around us. The dogs have so much room to run. We love the beach and I go down to the Gold Coast a lot. It’s like our second home.

Our favourite things to do is have snuggles on the couch together, or in bed! We also love just hanging out in the sunshine around our home. I don’t have kids, so my dogs are my babies. They come everywhere with me – they’re my shadows.

“They are my favourite things on this earth, and everyone knows it. They’re my welcome home, my happiness when I’m sad and my brightest lights. It’s a love like no other, there’s no words for it.”


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