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Behind the Scenes with Dogfolk

Check out our video!
Have you ever wondered what happens at a Dogfolk pet photography shoot?

It feels like a behind the scenes video has been on our ‘to-do’ list forever. The thing is, being in front of the lens is definitely not our strong point (just the thought of it gives Shell heart palpitations, and causes Katy to break out in a rash!)

Meltdowns aside, we really wanted to create a video that shares our love for dogs and photography, and shows what an in-home pet photo shoot experience with us is really like (think lots of fun and dog cuddles galore!)

As two overly sentimental, homebody-at-heart dog mamas, a pet photography style inspired by life at home with your furry family makes so much sense to us. Why? Because everyday moments at home with your dog may seem small and insignificant, but the love they hold is enormous.

From sleepy lie-ins to couch cuddles, practicing tricks to belly rubs and everything in between, these simple heartfelt moments with your best friend are what become your fondest memories. And that’s why we are so passionate about capturing them.

So without further ado, check out our behind the scenes video below – we hope you love it! 

If you’d love to chat to us about capturing some beautiful memories at home with your furry family, make a pet photography enquiry.

A big thank you to the gorgeous stars of our shoot, Benny, Antonette and Jerome. Read their love story here.