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Face Time + The Fluff Boy

Becky, Rich + Hunter

Name: Hunter     Age: 5 years     Breed: Labradoodle

Nicknames: Hunty, Hunter Bournon, Fluff boy.

Hunter in three words: Happy, humble and human.


It took a convincing Powerpoint presentation for Becky to persuade Rich of the merits to owning a fur kid. Then faster than you can say ‘next slide please,’ along came Hunter; a lovable, wise-beyond-his-years Labradoodle whose unrelenting loyalty and affection meant life for this couple was never the same again.

Who ever knew the life-changing power of a Powerpoint presentation?



Chocolate Charm + A Tree Change

Top-notch Powerpoint skills aside, Becky and Rich are the kind of down-to-earth couple that are all about the simple things in life – being surrounded by nature, going to the beach and spending time with loved ones, especially their boy Hunter.

A curly fur kid with a distinguished choco-grey coat to rival the charms of George Clooney, Hunter is always put first before all else. Whether taking him along to work or coming home early to walk him, Becky and Rich have adjusted everything in their world to make Hunter ‘top dog’.

The couple even opted for a tree change, moving from the mega metropolis of Melbourne to a country cottage in Red Hill, all so Hunter could have the best life possible.

“We couldn’t imagine our life without Hunter in it! We are so grateful to feel so loved by him – he puts a smile on our face every single day.”


Escapades + Eager Ears

An average day in this super-chilled fur family begins with what Becky and Rich call their own version of ‘facetime’:

“Every morning Hunter will jump up and lie on top of one of us and stare right into our eyes, or even fall asleep. We call it facetime, as he sits on top of us, a mere inch from our faces!”

When Hunter isn’t occupied with naps or snuggles, you’ll find him out and about with his humans exploring the surrounds of Sorrento and Red Hill.  Playdates with four-legged friend and neighbour, Baci, and fellow Dogfolk floof Wiley, also top Hunter’s list of fun doggo days out. 



Another favourite pastime is going to the forest to play ‘Hide and Seek,’ a game they’ve all played together since Hunter was a puppy.

When Becky and Rich say to Hunter, “Where’s Mum” or “Where’s Dad,” he’ll take off in a flash, searching behind every tree and knowing exactly who to look for.

“Everyday we are surprised by how much Hunter knows and is constantly reading situations. We speak to him ALOT, so he really listens and picks up certain words such as pinecone, horses, and even names of friends and places! We think he is a very clever boy and a great listener.”



A Furry Special Wedding Guest

You often hear people say, ‘A dog is just as much a member of the family as anyone else.’

So when the big day came for Becky and Rich, their big ol’ ‘Fluff Boy’ was right beside them every step of the way.

“Hunter was our ring bearer at our wedding. We didn’t expect it to go to plan but he took it on like a champ and ran down the aisle straight to Rich. He didn’t leave our side the entire wedding day, it was very special.”



The takeaway message from this fur family love story?

If you want to convince your partner to get a dog, you better brush up on your Powerpoint skills.


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