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If The Dalai Lama Was A Dog

Milly, Lizzie + Indy

Name: Indy (Indiana)    Age: 11 years old    Breed: Golden Retriever

Indy in 3 words: Loving. Gentle. Creaky.


There’s a saying that goes, “The face of a golden retriever feels like home.

If you were to ask anyone in Indy’s family just how they felt when they look their boy in the eyes, they’d almost certainly agree.

Without a doubt, every dog breed has its own unique and amazing traits…but there’s just something a little bit special about golden retrievers, isn’t there?

Wise, loyal and total people-pleasers, golden retrievers have this majestic presence about them that just radiates pure love and kindness.

Having spent an afternoon with Indy and his family, it was pretty easy to see that he is no different.  At 11 years old, lovable and gentle boy Indy moves a little slower these days, yet still shows glimpses of his once-young and playful spirit. His name is inspired by Indiana Jones, after all.

Once a therapy dog who visited cancer patients in hospital, arthritis has slowly taken hold as Indy has gotten older, making visits to his favourite places, such as the beach or off-lead park, a little more challenging.

Lucky for Indy however, he’s from a very large family of human and furry siblings – seven in fact – all of whom completely adore him. And with such a large fan club and endless supply of cuddles, who says being house-bound much of the time is such a bad thing.

It was amazing to witness first-hand the bond Indy shares with his family, and we’re so grateful to have captured these moments in time they can always look back on.



“Indy loves people more than life itself…and can’t be trusted with food – or cat litter!”



“If Indy was a person, he would be the Dalai Lama – he is so wise and loving. He has taught us much about unconditional love.”



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