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Family Dreams + A Dreamy Doggo

Kirsty, Evan + Wylie

Name: Wylie     Age: 1 year     Breed: Groodle

Wylie in three words: Excitable, intuitive, affectionate

If Wylie was famous: Think a combo of Marley (Marley + Me) and Alfalfa (The Little Rascals)


Wylie is one of those truly majestic dogs you’ll never forget. The kind of dog that all your fur family aspirations are built upon. The dog of your dreams. The impossible dog. The dog that gives you the same kind of heart-shaped feels and warm fuzzies as Falkor the Luck Dragon from The Never Ending Story.

We were lucky enough to hang out with Wylie and her fur parents for a day to learn how this gorgeous pooch pack became a family. Get ready to gush and giggle – this floofer will turn your heart to mush!



The Road Trip

Wylie the wonder dog came into Evan and Kirsty’s world when the down-to-earth, blissfully-in-love couple came to realise there was something missing in their lives – a big, fluffy baby with four galloping long legs and a shaggy golden blonde mop, to be precise.

As Evan and Kirsty were planning to grow a little family together, the timing seemed right, too – they always wanted their future children to grow up with a fur kid in tow.

The couple longed for a family-friendly pup with plenty of character. Known for their quirky and affectionate nature, a silly, sheep-like ‘gotta-have-all-the-friends’ Groodle fit the bill perfectly. Soon after, they embarked on a road trip from their home in Elwood, Melbourne to the border of NSW where a tiny bundle of fluff lay in wait.

“We knew Wylie was the onethe day we went to pick a puppy. The moment Evan stepped into the room, this gentle little puppy with big, soft, floppy ears jumped into his lap and wouldnt let go – it was like she had chosen us.”



It was love at first sight for all 3 members of this newly-established fur family, with Wylie feeling instantly at ease with her new humans.

“During the 4 hour drive home she jumped from each of our laps, dozing off and snuggling into our arms. She didnt cry once – we knew she was happy and felt at home with us from the very beginning.”



Telly Talk + Park Peculiarities  

Now over a year old and already at the height of a small horse, an average week in Wiley’s world consists of walks along Brighton beach (and swimming – a recently acquired skill), cuddles on the couch and pretending to understand that curious box of flashing images humans call a television. Football and David Attenborough documentaries are her favourites, her fixated stare a combination of intrigue and inner ‘WTF?!’ moments. 

Hide-and-seek at Elwood Park is another on the list of fur family fun times, where Evan and Kirsty run from tree to tree, hiding and calling out to Wylie as she prances about in desperate excitement to find them.



The park is also where Wiley’s oddball antics and fun-loving character is joyfully unleashed for all to see.

“Wylie loves running into the middle of a crowd at the dog park. She happily sits on strangers’ feet, taking prime position to watch the other dogs play. She also loves to find the biggest branch possible and carry it proudly all the way home from the park, even if it is two times the size of her.”



Hangs = Happiness 

Excited by everything about life, especially the little things, Wiley’s larger-than-life personality and loveable, loyal nature has brought endless joy into Evan and Kirsty’s world, who say they’re truly happiest when the three of them are just hanging out.

“We often wonder what we did before we had her, the love we have for Wylie and the spot she fills in our family is beyond anything we could have imagined, she is everything to us. No matter what type of day we are having, its always made better by having Wylie to share it with.”



*UPDATE: 3 have now become 4! Wylie is now big sister to baby Indie. As Kirsty tells us, Wylie has taken on her new responsibility like the wonder dog she is.

“Wylie has been the most loveable big sister to Indie. She was very curious to start with and wondered why this noisy little human was taking up all of her Mum’s attention! But she was also very happy to have Dad around more often for extra cuddles. Now she can’t get enough of Indie and is always right beside her, trying to sneak in a little lick without Mum seeing. Wylie is so gentle and kind and we can’t wait to watch these two grow together.”



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