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Loving Archie: A Brother + Best Friend

Archie, Max + Family

Names: Archie + Max    Age: 12.5 years old + 18 months old    Breed: Sheltie + Miniature Poodle


Speaking on behalf of all dog lovers, if we could have just one wish in the whole world, it would be that dogs could live forever. Or at the very least, as long as we do. Anything to avoid having to say goodbye.

Sadly, it was just last week when the time came for Suzi and Ian to farewell their beautiful sheltie boy Archie. After a battle with heart disease, it was his time to cross the rainbow bridge.

Archie was a treasured member not only of his own family, but his neighbours’ too – a retired couple who would babysit Archie and his poodle brother Max during the day. Such love and generosity certainly gives a whole new meaning to the age-old saying, “Love thy neighbour.” 

To lose a furry family member is undoubtedly painful. But if we can celebrate the life of the best friend we have lost, slowly we can begin to heal, and look back with gratitude at every moment shared together.

We feel honoured that Suzi and Ian welcomed us into their world, trusting us to capture these family moments they knew were fleeting and precious. Moments that are now memories they can treasure forever.

Read on to learn about the wonderful life Archie shared with his family, neighbours, and cheeky brother Max.



Archie’s family is a tight-knit and loving trio. Suzi and Ian, along with their son, describe themselves as a geeky family that love spending time together.

Having adopted Archie as a puppy when he was only six months old, his family have shared many happy times with him over his 12.5 years.

“What we love most about our dogs is the love and affection they give, and the joy they bring to our family.”



Suzi and Ian’s son grew up with a wonderful companion in Archie by his side, an experience any child would be lucky to have. 

Archie was always loving and gentle, but protective when needed.

“After the Black Friday fires, the smoke swept across Melbourne on the Saturday night.  Maggie May (my old dog who died of cancer) and Archie kept trying to wake me, as they were worried about the smoke. I ended up ignoring them, so they both went and slept in front of our son’s cot, in an effort to protect him.”



When miniature poodle Max joined the family around a year ago, apparently Archie wasn’t too thrilled! After all, their personalities were pretty much as opposite as two dogs could get. 

Being the senior pup, Archie was definitely the wiser and more grounded force. His favourite things to do included eating and playing with bubbles, while all Max wanted to do was play chase. 

It took some time, but gentle and patient Archie learned to tolerate his energetic puppy brother. 

Archie’s quiet charm reminds Suzi of perhaps the most famous charmer of them all.

“Sweet, affectionate and outgoing, if Archie was a famous person, he would be much like George Clooney!”



Excitable Max on the other hand is more like John Mackinroe we’re told – a very different character indeed!

Loving yet dominant, stubborn yet energetic, Max is known to bark and growl at his own reflection. This questionable behaviour earned him the nickname, “Maxwell Not So Smart”, a cheeky nod to the classic secret agent comedy of the 1960’s, Get Smart.

Suzi tells us of the time a young couple unwittingly encountered Max and his funny antics at the local park.

“One day when teaching Max to walk off lead in the park, there was a couple having a picnic and laying down kissing on a rug.  Max ran straight up and tried to join in all the kisses! They both sat up startled, looking at this fluffy excited puppy still trying to kiss them, and just laughed.”



Archie lived a great life at home, and along with Max, received a healthy amount of spoiling. Both dogs were allowed full run of the house, with access to their multiple beds and plentiful array of toys. 

Not to mention regular daily walks, with plenty of visits to their favourite local park to play, sniff and stretch their legs. 

Oh and we nearly forgot to mention the cuddles. There was plenty of those too.



Archie was very lucky to have the love and affection of his retired neighbours, in addition to the bond shared with his own family.  Archie and Max spent so much time with them they even learned to become bilingual, understanding commands in Greek as well as English!

Suzi tells us of the beautiful bond her neighbours shared with Archie and Max.

“Our neighbours have babysat our dogs for us for the last five years.  They walk them morning and night and keep them company during the day. Max follows them everywhere and Archie loves their cuddles.”



Suzi and Ian gave Archie the most beautiful life he could have asked for. If they could have asked him just one question, it would be, ‘What did you enjoy the most?’

And of all the spoiling, treats and adventures across the years, we’re pretty sure Archie would have said, ‘Just being with you.’ 



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