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A Tale of Telepathy, Travel + Stray Tennis Balls

Sandy + Jesse

Name: Jesse    Age: 16 years    Breed: Chihuahua x Jack Russell

Jesse in 3 words: My. Best. Friend.


At 16 years young, Chihuahua x Jack Russell Jesse still knows she’s the boss.

With a stubbornness as unfaltering as her love for her favourite human, Sandy’s best friend Jesse certainly proves that big love can come in small packages.



A Mate is the Medicine

It was in the early 2000’s when the idea of befriending a dog was first put to Sandy. As a naval officer struggling with bouts of depression, Sandy’s then-counsellor suggested a dog would help to ease her anxieties and offer great companionship.

“I had no idea how much I needed a dog until I saw her. I had imagined finding a little dog at the pound, but it really didn’t happen that way. She was at a pet store that I walked past –  she was all alone and shivering in the corner. I’m sure many pet owners experience the same feeling…love at first sight.”



Love + Laying Down the Law

It didn’t take long for Sandy to realise that Jesse had been the spark that was missing in her life.

And a spark of energy she certainly was. Jesse lived up to the fiesty terrier reputation of her ancestors, and seemed damn proud of it. A sassy, never-say-die pocket-rocket, Jesse had no qualms introducing herself as the ‘real boss’, clarifying a common misconception in her newly formed partnership with Sandy.

“She’s a little Chelsea Handler. Strong, fierce, doesn’t give a f%*k and tells it like it is.

But as they say, those who live with passion, love with passion. This, apparently, is no exception in the curious world of our four-legged friends.


The two spent as much time together as they could, forming an inseparable bond through adventures, cuddles and brainstorming sessions to devise ways Sandy could leave her full-time job for the ‘good life’ (ie. unlimited walkies and dog-related deeds, of course.)

“Every single day she is waiting for me by the door. She is so excited for me to return that she squeals with excitement. I scoop her up, we cuddle and both carry on like we haven’t seen each other in years.”



From ESP to OCD

Over time, the bond between Sandy and Jesse became so strong that Jesse began to disregard traditional means of communication, opting for more ‘passive’ methods of getting her own way (we like the way she thinks).

“Jesse thinks she can communicate with telepathy I swear. She stares at her toys and then stares at me. It’s like I can hear her voice in my head, ‘GIVE IT TO ME’.”



It was the sight of a tennis ball however that truly revealed Jesse’s dogged approach to life. A relentless obsession from puppyhood, Jesse’s love of chasing tennis balls never waned despite her ageing body often getting the better of her as the years passed.

“It’s like crack to her. She’s been known to run after a ball until her back legs give way. She is going blind and deaf so she runs out of steam pretty quickly, and I’m often left to retrieve the ball that she can’t find.”



Adventures + The Unspoken  

Sandy takes Jesse with her everywhere she can – to friend’s houses, brunch catch-ups and running errands. In 2015, Sandy and Jesse even took a road trip together up to the Sunshine Coast, exploring the beaches and staying in pet-friendly Airbnbs and caravan parks. These days you’re likely to find Sandy and Jesse at Gilpin Dog Park in Brunswick West, or cuddling up for a good ol’ Netflix n’ chill session.

Describing Jesse as her ‘rock’, Sandy believes Jesse changed her world forever and is truly a life-saver. Whether through her cheek or charm, Jesse always knows how to put a smile on Sandy’s face.

“Jesse is always there for me like a therapy dog, telling me with her telepathy powers that everything is going to be okay.”



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