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A Day in the Sweet Life of Floki

Tegan, Jack + Floki

Name: Floki    Age: 1    Breed: Border Collie

Floki in three words: Cheeky, loving, unique.  


There’s alotttt of lucky dogs living the high life in Melbourne town. We learned this back in May, when we held a competition to find out who in Melbourne deserves the title of ‘most-obsessed’ dog mum.

From cooking gourmet dinners to collecting whiskers, even cancelling plans all in the name of our fur babies – we were overwhelmed with responses from helplessly in-love, borderline-crazy dog mums across Melbourne.

But there was one stand-out entry we just couldn’t ruff-use. It was from a very distinctive pup that goes by the insta name @sweet.life.of.floki:

“MY MUM IS CRAZY DOG LADY! Firstly, she dresses us in matching outfits. Secondly, she reads to me at night until I fall asleep. She often says I’m her child and treats me like one.”

When we first laid eyes on Floki we instantly understood why his lovely mum, Tegan, is so darn obsessed with him. A gentle dog with a playful spirit, Floki’s striking eye patches have earned him the fitting nickname ‘panda pup’. It’s no wonder he’s become a successful doggie model for a handful of Aussie designer pet brands.

As winners of our competition, we spent an afternoon capturing the bond Floki shares with his family in their charming home in Melbourne’s north.  And while Tegan may well be Melbourne’s ‘most-obsessed’ dog mum, we think this adorable, totally loved-up trio could own the title of Melbourne’s sweetest fur family, too.



Congratulations on being dubbed Melbourne’s most-obsessed dog mama! Who’s idea was it to get a dog? And why a Border Collie?

Definitely mine! Originally we were looking at Australian shepherds, but didn’t really know what kind of breed we were after. Jack works a lot so we were thinking it would be good company for me. Well, that was definitely the persuasive line I used anyway…


What is it about your life with Floki that makes you so crazy about him?

Everything! From the minute I get home when he rushes to greet me, to sitting on the couch with me while we’re watching TV, even when I’m having dinner and his paw is on my lap.

“It’s that really nice feeling of always having someone there beside you.”



Floki is so distinctive with his two eye patches. Is that a rare thing for Border Collies?

Out of his whole litter, Floki was the only one that looked like that. Since having him we’ve had friends tag us in a couple photos of dogs with patches on their eyes, but they all looked pretty different. So it is kind of rare. And he was actually cheaper because he looked like that!


Wow, you would think he’d cost way more because he is so unique, right?

That’s what everyone else said to us! Because we got him from a place right in country NSW, people out there use Border Collies as working farm dogs.

“Because of his look, people were worried he wouldn’t be a great farm dog and maybe prone to blindness. But he’s totally normal and healthy.”



Where did you get the idea to name him Floki?

Floki is actually named after a viking! There’s a character in the series Vikings with black patches around his eyes. He’s a real scary kind of looking person, but obviously our Floki isn’t!


What’s an average week like in your fur family?

We enjoy the simple things, so we’re very relaxed and chilled out. I’m a primary school teacher and Jack works in accounting, and plays soccer a couple times a week. On an average week Floki gets his morning walks, and we’ll do training practice. There’s definitely some netflix and chill involved and of course, lots of photos.


How would you describe Floki’s personality? Does he have any funny behaviours?

“Floki’s a real oddball – very quirky but full of love and energy. He loves anything that squeaks and will hit you with the ball when he decides it’s time to play. Oh and he always tries to lick faces, and faces only.”



Was having an insta account for Floki something you planned before having him?

No I decided to create the insta account after I had him. I uploaded one photo early on when I first got him and didn’t think twice about it, then a dog fashion label were doing a dog model search and you had to have an instagram account to enter. So I thought, he’s got one photo at least! But I uploaded one more photo for the entry and straight away people were asking me lots of questions about him, so I just kept posting more photos and I guess it grew from there. That was only a year ago, and alot has changed since then.


Floki’s insta bio says, “A stylish self proclaimed dog model with a face to remember.” How did Floki make his way into modelling?

The first big break Floki got was working for a lead company called BOco. He got to wear their whole range in all the colours which was really cool. That was the start of it really. He’s worked for bandana brands, treat companies, and he’s recently had a shoot with an organic pet wash brand. They were lovely people, so nice. We’ve met alot of good people through Floki’s instagram.


On instagram we noticed you record alot of Floki’s training practices, how’s that going?

Yes I was, but I’m not recording them as much these days. We had a lot of problems with him pulling on the lead, so on the school holidays I took him out everyday and practiced with him walking beside me.  At the start I was pulling my hair out, but he’s actually gotten really good with that.

“Floki’s a smart dog so he learns pretty quick. Maybe too smart, sometimes!”



What are some of your most memorable moments with Floki so far?

Last year we took him on holidays up to Byron Bay, stopping first at the Blue Mountains. Then we went from Byron to Bondi. Floki is fantastic on road trips.

Another memory that stands out was the time when we found him in the bathtub, after the door was left open!


If Floki could tell us something about you, what do you think he’d say?

Probably that we treat him like a human!


How has having Floki changed your life?

In so many ways. We are constantly looking for dog-friendly places as we love taking him everywhere – beaches, parks, cafes – you name it. And I feel comforted all the time when Jack isn’t home.

“Since being on instagram that has changed everything too, oh my god. I’m always taking photos of him, it’s taken over our lives, in the best way!”



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