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Two Spoodles + A Part-Time Sea Change

Naomi, Gordon, Dexter + Benson

Names: Dexter + Benson    Age: Both 8 years old    Breed: Spoodles

Dexter in 3 words: Bossy, independent, loving    Benson in 3 words: Anxious, loving, loyal


Naomi and Gordon are the proud pawrents of two spoodle boys, Dexter and Benson. 

Both self-employed physios, the fit and active couple live with the boys in the inner-city suburb of Richmond during the week. On weekends, they retreat with them to their beautiful contemporary-style holiday home in Blairgowrie, a scenic village nestled along the Mornington Peninsula coastline. 

Part city slickers, part beach bums, Dexter and Benson certainly live the best of both worlds, not to mention the daily runs and active lifestyle they lead – the stuff of doggie dreams. When it comes to affection, Mum Naomi is the loving and gentle nurturer, while Gordon on the other hand is the rule-enforcer of the home, and tries to appear a little more tough. But he didn’t really fool us – and we don’t think he fools the dogs either!

Naomi and Gordon’s Blairgowrie home was the perfect setting for their photo session with the boys. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, it’s where much of their quality time together is spent, and where their bond as a family is nurtured. The love connection between Naomi and Gordon is strong, you can really feel it when you’re with them.

As pet photographers, it was a beautiful thing to capture a glimpse of the love bubble they share with each other, along with their two favourite boys in the whole world. 



“Our boys are the centre of our world. We both love running, and our boys run with us and keep us fit! An average day with them involves lots of belly rubs, cuddles, treats, runs, sleep, ball fetching, and then more cuddles.”



“On the way home from picking him up for the very first time, Benny cuddled into my chest. Since then, he’s never really left.”



“Benny is scared of many things; hot air balloons, stairs, black dogs who are bigger than him. He once jumped out of the car, ran to the dog park, saw a hot air balloon, ran back to the car, jumped back in and wouldn’t move!”



“Dex is the boss and will head butt for affection. He can push a phone out of your hand, close an ipad down or will flop his head over our keyboard.”



“Gordon pretends to not love Dex and Ben, but really he does…every morning I overhear him chat, cuddle and fuss over our boys.”



“They give the greatest love, the best cuddles, and they make us laugh every day.”



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